John's Shoe Repair is proud to offer a diverse line of quality products and services to meet your foot care needs.

Water Repellent Products
  • Shield Water and stain Repellent:  A product similar to Tana, but less highly concentrated.  Also available in pump spray.
  • Silicone:  The "classic" water repellent; liquid or aerosol.
  • Snow Seal:  Excellent wax base water repellent.
  • Mink Oil:  Very dependable "rub in" water repellent and conditioning product.
  • Bear Grease:  The age old standby for water proofing work and hunting boots
  • Meltonian Shoe Creme:  highly regarded creme leather polish available in a rainbow of colors
  • Kiwi Boot Polish:  The standard against which wax polishes have long been measured
  • Hoffco:  "The creme of the crop" of liquid polishes; available in White, White Bark, Vanilla Ice and Bone
Dye Products
  • Nu Life Leather Preparer:  The essential "first step" product in a shoe refinish or dye product.
  • Nu Life Shoe Color Spray:  Easy to use aerosol shoe color for refinish or dye work
  • Fiebing's Leather Dye:  The liquid dye that defines excellence
Other Product Lines
  • Minnetonka:  A wide selection of styles and colors from the premier moccasin/slipper maker.  Hats also available.
  • Spenco:  An array of foot comfort products from cushioned heel pads and insoles to arch cushions and arch supports.
  • Ambulator:  Diabetic and Arthritic footwear
  • AntiShox:  Orthotics for common foot discomforts
Foot Comfort Products
Heel Pain Relief
  • Spur Pad
  • Spur Pad Posted/Wedged
  • Dress Cups
  • Sports Cups
  • Gel Insoles
Sports Orthotics
  • Neutral
    • Full Length Heel
    • Full Length Heel with Met. Pad
  • Posted
    • Full Length Heel
    • Full Length Heel with Met Pad
(Relief from Forefoot Pain)
  • Gel Toe Cap
  • Gel Toe Shields
  • Get Toe Crest
  • Gel Bunion Shield
  • Gel Met. Cushion
  • Gel Toe Straightener
Orthotics, Insoles & Fabs
  • Dress Orthotics
  • 3/4 Sports Orthotics
  • Full Length Sports Orthotics
  • Fabs®
  • Gel Insoles